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Telling Stories of Computer Success at the Balgüe school / Contando historias del exito de las XO en la escuela Balgüe

Hace una semana, los docentes de la Escuela Balgue han estado trabajando para contar historias de logro en el proyecto nuevo de computacion. La Fundacion Zamora Teran les pide evidencia que el proyecto esta funcionando y produciendo impactos importantes en el aprendizaje y el desarrollo de los alumnos. Una de las historias, por Profa Juana Centeno, cuenta poco de la experiencia de una de sus alumnos, Angie Menocal. Aqui esta su historia.

For the past week, the teachers of the Balgue school have been working to tell stories of the success of their new computer project. The Zamora Teran Foundation is asking them for evidence that the project is working and is having important impactson the learning and development of their students. One of the stories, by 3rd grade teacher Juana Centeno, tells something of the experience of one of her students. Angie Menocal. Here it is.

The Story of a Little Girl, by Juana Centeno

This is the story of a little 3rd grade girl at the Balgüe school, a school in the municipality of Altagracia, in the department of Rivas. Her name is Angie Yariela Menocal Lopez. Because of the economic problems that face us in Nicaragua, Angie lives with her grandmother. Her parents, originally from Ometepe Island, emigrated to Costa Rica to work to meet the needs of their family. I mention this to stress that she comes from a family of limited financial resources.

In spite of these difficulties, she is a brave student. She knows that she has all the love and affection of her parents, and she shows it in the success of her studies. She has earned a 93.1 average in her grades. She holds first place in her schoolwork, and she is a leader in her classroom.

When they—the Foundation Zamora Terán—gave Angie her computer, she did not know how to use it. Little by little she discovered its systems and learned how to use it.

She began with games. Then, with the orientation her teacher gave her to research in Wikipedia, and later with the internet she learned to discover new horizons. She did this without the help of anyone. She is an interesting little girl. She told her grandmother about the computer and showed her what she was learning. Her grandmother was very surprised. Angie’s computer was always clean and in good condition. She liked showing her classmates every day what she was discovering.

She is a fearless little girl. She confronts the difficulties that face her and acts in spite of them, because she lives every day as if in the love and affection of her parents.